Tuesday, 19 November 2013

35 Random Facts About Me!

Hi there!

I've been pretty quiet this week but if you pop on over to The Sweet Chilli Sisters page you will see that i'm currently doing a detox so I just haven't really had the energy to keep on top of my posts so here's a litte tag for now!

In addition to my last post *Get to Know Me Tag* I remembered my sister did a *35 Random Facts About Me* so I thought I would do it too!

So here goes:

1. I’m only a tiny 5ft … people always wait for me to more but that’s it, just 5ft ha!

2. Pepperoni Pizza is my weakness … especially Dominos *nom nom nom*

3. I don’t eat ANY kind of white sauce ie, mayo, sour cream etc infact me, my mum, dad and sister are all the same ha you won’t find mayo in our house ha!

4. I’m scared of tomato ketchup haha I love tomatoes, salsa, anything tomato based but ketchup literally terrifies me, my boyfriend always jokes he’s going to put some on me when I’m sleeping, but never has because he knows his life would not be worth living afterwards! Hahaha.

5. I’m 23 … but people love tell me I look 12 thanks .. lmao!

6. I have been with my boyfriend for 6 years and we were best friends for 2 years before we got together … and we’re still best friends now awwww lol.

7. I LOVE make up but didn’t start wearing it till I had left school when I was 17, even though my friends all wore make up to school. (I must have looked like a right ugly duckling) lmao.

8.  I rarely straighten my hair, probably only 2-3 times a month

9. When I was 19 I had bleach blonde hair … or should I say WHITE hair haha but I absolutely loved it!

10.My oldest friend Stacy and I have been best friends since we were 7 and we’re still best friends now. My other best friend Nicola and I went to the same primary school (in the same year) and never really spoke and then became best friends in 1st year at secondary school, and we still don’t really know why we never spoke in primary school haha!

11.I took my first driving lesson on my 17th Birthday! But couldn’t deal with the stress of the test and so took a year break and didn’t pass till I was 19 ha, I actually had to get a prescription from the doctors to deal with my nerves!

12.I try eat healthy as much as I can and use Rapid Fitness as a guide!

13.I am the untidiest person ever! Mess literally follows me, my friends always make fun of me when we go on holiday because my stuff is just EVERYWHERE lmao! And my boyfriend hates it! He likes to think he’s really tidy but really he just hides everything! Lmao!

14. I have an online shopping ADDICTION! It’s really not normal

15.I love Hollyoaks and have watched it for years but record them for weeks on end and then watch them in bed all day with a hangover. No matter how behind I get I HAVE catch up, I’ve been known to have 8 weeks of Hollyoaks to catch up on quite regularly actually ha.

16.I LOVE reality shows! I know I shouldn’t, these people get to be rich and famous for living everyday life it’s so unfair but I can’t help it I love it!! Hahaha

17.Dexter is my favourite TV show and when my boyfriend and I started watching I, it literally took over our lives! It was ridiculous! Haha

18.I love watching youtube videos and my favourite YouTuber is Shaaanxo.

19. I am like the complete opposite of a morning person, my alarm goes off for a full hour in the morning, I just cannot get out of bed and so I am constantly late for everything, and you would then think that meant I’m more of a night hock then but I’m not a late night person either, I NEED 10 hours sleep a night lmao and love an early night, I sound really boring now lmao but I just love sleeping so much lolol

20.I like to think I’m organised but I’m really not, for instance I keep a spreadsheet for all my finances (geek) but still always seem to run out of money anyway, it’s a pointless spreadsheet that I have been using for about 5 years that’s never actually benefitted me that much .. but I will continue to use it lmao!

21.I wish I looked like Kylie Jenner, how is it possible to be that hot when your 16!!

22.I love reading Katie Price’s autobiographies, I’m not a huge fan of hers but her books fascinate me, there’s something really intriguing about her!

23.I tried reading the 50 Shades of Grey books but gave up about a quarter of the way into book 2, they were just too graphic for me and made me feel physically sick lmao!

24.Twilight Saga are my favourite books and also my favourite films!  I’m a total Twihard! I went to see the final film in the cinema 3 times! Obsessed I know haha!

25.My favourite colour is pink!

26.I am OBSESSED with leopard print! You will very rarely see me without something leopard print and I even have a leopard print wall in my bedroom!

27.Mexican and Italian are my favourite types of food to eat!

28.I haven't ate red meat almost my entire life, I just didn't like it, until the past 2 months i've started eating burgers .. weird haha!

29.I have a gorgeous little God Daughter named Mia! & we even share the same birthday! She’s so beautiful and I cried the first time I held her. She is just my favourite little person ever!

30.I love getting all dressed up for a night out but it does usually take me at least an hour just to do my make up oops ha!

31.I love an ALL DAY SESH! Haha, I love nothing more than getting drunk during the day with my best friends IN FLAT SHOES! Being drunk in flats is literally the best thing ever haha! It usually involves A LOT of dancing ha! 

32.I’m really close with my older sister and love that even though she’s moved out now she only lives around the corner yay. I love her cooking! She’s such an amazing cook! Also her husband James is like a big brother to me. They've been together for 10 years so he's been in my life since I was only 13 and they have been completely inseperable since the day they got together so he lived with me for about 6 years! Sometimes I have to remind him thats he's not actually my brother though ha! He's very protective of me, but its only because i'm his favourite family member ha!
33.When I was 21 I got laser eye surgery. It was really expensive but definitely the best thing I ever did and I think it was worth every penny! I was really blind haha!

34.I have 2 tattoo’s and would like another but it takes me years to figure out what I want   because I like them to be quite small and somewhere they can be easily hidden as I don’t want them on show on my wedding day lolol. Princess’s don’t have tattoos! Haha.

35.I have been on 8 holidays with my friends since I was 17. Loves a party holiday! Haha, they include, 4 trips to Ibiza, 2 trips to Ayia Napa, Zante and Magaluf! 


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