Friday, 15 November 2013

Lush Face Mask!

Last month my sister and I attended the Fabb Event Glasgow and one of my favourite treats I got given on the day was a facemask by Lush! I actually used to work on Buchanan Street, so was right across from the Lush store in Glasgow and have never purchased anything from there, shocking I know! I went in several times but was always just lost with the amount of products, so would just walk around the store with a very intimidated look on my face and then just walk back out haha! 

The girls at the stand were very friendly and helpful and gave us a little background knowledge into some of the products and explained how everything in store is hand made and to feel free to ask any questions when in store and the staff will recommend products and explain anything about the products we would like to know.

We were then given a little goodie bag which contained a Mask of Magnaminty Face Mask.


The smell is really minty and fresh and when you first put it on its like *POW* mint! But I do quite like it because it feels so clean and refreshing on your face. My only negative i have about this product is that because its fresh and handmade it has an expiration date so I'm so upset some of it is going to go to waste! I've used it once a week since I got it and its not even half way done! I usually use it on a Sunday night after I've washed my hair to give my face a nice glow for the week! It really does make your face look just so glowy and healthy, I love it!

My boyfriend is a plasterer and so his face gets dry and his pores get blocked a lot due to working with plaster everyday so I managed to persuade him to use this one night with me and his skin honestly looked so amazing afterwards! His skin was just glowing! 

I'm so impressed with this facemask I really want to try some more Lush products! 

Anyone recommend any Lush products for me to try?

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  1. Ive never tried the lush facemasks, i usually stick to the superdrug ones because theyre so cheap and all :)