Thursday, 7 November 2013

Urban Decay Make Up Event!

Last Wednesday my sister and I went along to Urban Decay in debenhams for a make up lesson! The event tickets cost £10 and then on the night your ticket was then redeemed as a £10 voucher to use towards any urban decay products you wanted to buy! The event was a Glammy Jammie Party so girls were encouraged to wear their onesie and pop in their rollers, however we decided to go for lunch first and last minute decided to leave the onesies at home as Debenhams was still open when the event was going on so we didn't feel too comfortable being in a shop in town in our onesie! We were glad we did though as majority of the girls also didn't come in their onesie or rollers! However the staff did get into the spirit of things so the Glammy Jammie theme was still there ... even though we didn't join in haha!

The lesson started with Danielle Roberts the Manager at Urban Decay creating a cut crease eye make up look on one of the other members of staff as well as a full face of make up using all urban decay products including their new christmas collection  (I will link Danielle's facebook page her work is flawless!) She talked us through each step of the make up, describing what she was doing, why she was doing it and what products she was using, as well as this another member of staff would then tell us more information about the product being used so it was a very informative lesson and I learned alot about urban decay products that I didn't already know. I love their eyeshadows but havn't tried much else so it was great to hear about what other products they actually offer for instance I had no idea urban decay did mascara! I've never heard anyone talk about them before!

Once Danielle had finished creating the look we all got a few minutes to look more closely at the model and take some pictures of the look and then finally the fun started! We were given a free pass to use whatever make we wanted off the stands in the shop! Including brushes! I immediately took off my make up to try out a whole face look! I thought this was just an amazing idea for an event, not as if every day you could walk into debenhams and do a full face of make up on yourself using the products out on show! Was an amazing way to try before you buy because lets be honest a swatch sometimes isn't enough to get a full feel for a product and when buying lower end make up its worth the risk but if you're spending £27 on a foundation, wouldn't it be great if you could properly try it out on your own face first! Or £42 on an eyeshadow palette, they may swatch well but you would rather try them out on your eye and see how pigmented they go onto the lid and how well they blend.

So after I was finished playing around with the make up I decided to purchase the Urban Decay Ammo Palette (review coming soon) and a Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Colour (review coming soon) which are both just gorgeous and so pigmented! I'm never disaspointed when it comes to urban decay!

Here's a few pictures from the event! 

I did not even want to show you my attempt at a cut crease, it did not go well haha however I do think I learned a lot from the lesson & if I practice a little more hopefully I can master it for Christmas parties! So this is just a little picture of me in Debenhams after playing around will all the goodies urban decay have to offer!

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  1. Was a great night,looking forward to more in the future. A full Christmas party look would be good!