Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Semi-Permanent Eyebrows!

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I've been slacking a little bit this week as I've been on annual leave from work so I was just having a few lazy days but I'm back now and I thought I would do a little post on my semi-permanent eyebrows as I have never actually seen a post on them before and they can be a very expensive investment so I thought it would be helpful to anyone thinking of getting them.

Despite my dark hair I have unusually light eyebrows, don’t really know what happened there as they are just as light as my sisters who was born blonde!

Also which some may see as a blessing they take forever to grow in, I literally only have to get my eyebrows waxed 2-3 times a year! But as the trends change it became impossible for me to change the shape of my eyebrows to the high arch which is on trend at the moment, instead I was stuck with the eyebrow shape that was current in 2004 when I started getting them waxed! Haha. Luckily because they are so light I was able to pencil (or powder) in whatever shape I wanted but this resulted in MANY bad eyebrow days, some days they just don’t want to co-operate and look the same as each other! Haha.
I had thought about getting the semi-permanent eyebrows a lot but the expensive price tag of up to £350 always put me off! However after receiving a Groupon credit after I had to get a refund on another deal, a deal for semi-permanent eyebrows popped up! The deal was £100 instead of £350 and I already had a £70 Groupon Credit, I felt as if I would only be paying £30 for them (even though the £70 credit was my own money) haha.

I went to The Aesthetics Lounge in Milngavie (I will link they’re facebook page) The clinic owner did the treatment herself which I thought was really good, I felt like I was in safe hands, she was so lovely and friendly and made me feel comfortable when I was absolutely terrified! (it’s basically a tattoo on your face! so I couldn’t help but think what if I don’t like them and they’re stuck on my face! it's not like I can hide them! Haha) I did do some research before I went, looking at some of the work she had done on other clients on her facebook page and I was really impressed, so even though I was terrified I was also really excited to see how they would turn out!

I drew in my eyebrows how I like them before I went so she could get a rough idea of what I was after and the colour I like them (I’m always afraid that because of my dark hair people assume I want my eyebrows that colour but that’s too dramatic for me haha) and then she drew markings over my eyebrows to show a rough idea of how they were going to look. She even let me make any changes I wanted to make.

A numbing gel was placed on my eyebrows before hand. I must admit even though they use a needle I wasn’t expecting it to actually feel like getting a tattoo on your face …. But honestly … it felt like getting a tattoo on your face! haha. I can’t imagine how much it would have hurt without the numbing gel! Luckily it didn’t hurt that much at first, but because it’s such a small area being covered, it was basically just the needle going over and over the same area and that’s why it hurt! The procedure lasted about 40 minutes, it really didn’t feel like that long though and the pain didn’t properly kick in till about the last 10 minutes, and although it was painful, it was bearable pain! And it was definitely worth it when I saw the finished result!

I was so happy with them, I absolutely loved the shape, I finally had an arch! They look much darker to begin with and start to scab that same day, they recommend that you put Vaseline on them in the morning and before bed and try not to get them wet! Scabbing should eventually fall off on its own after a week, mine took almost 2 weeks for the scabbing to heal though and to be honest you do look pretty silly as the scabbing starts to come off haha! But it’s not even that noticeable to other people it’s more of something that will annoy you more than anything. They can also get very itchy! My Iphone camera was my best friend for 2 weeks as I looked into it to scratch around my eyebrow every 10 minutes haha!  

After 4 weeks I had to go back for my top up which cost £60 (don’t worry they don’t need topped up every 4 weeks), this is good because you can then make changes to them as you have had a  little bit of time to get used to them. I got mine a little darker and a little thicker! The numbing gel seemed to work much better this time round, it hurt a little at the beginning and by the end I could barely feel a thing which I was so relieved about as I was absolutely dreading the pain!

Next time is up to me, when I feel they need topped up again is my own personal preference, they usually suggest after about a year. It has been 5 months since I first got them done and I think they are still looking great! Absolutely one of the best things I have ever done! They just make such a difference, really frame your face. I also feel more confident to go out without make up now because before it was so obvious when I had no make-up on, I looked so strange because it practically looked like I had no eyebrows ha! I feel my face looks much more put together without any effort.  

(The first picture is me before I started filling in my eyebrows (virtually look like I have no eyebrows argh!)
(2nd picture is the picture took in the clinic for my "before shot" please excuse the non waxed eyebrow, I had been trying to grow them to change the shape, clearly was not working, I actually hadn't had my eyebrows waxed in almost a year and this was as far as I got ha!) Also please excuse the patchy make up I hadn't thought about the fact she would have to wipe it off ha!)
(3rd picture is the picture took in the clinic for my "after shot")
(4th picture is me later that day sending a picture to my friends to let them have a look)

(1st two pictures is to let you have a look at how they look while they are healing! So this is while they are still scabbing)
(3rd picture is while they are healing after my top up, this is a day or two before they were fully healed up so they were looking a little patchy but as you can see you can fill them in with powder while to heal to even them out)
(4th picture was taken exactly 4 months since I first got the procedure done)

I am still so happy with them and honestly don't know how I ever survived without them! No more bad eyebrow days YAY! When the time comes for a top up I know I'm not going to be able to say no but I do think they are a worth while investment! I also recomment The Aesthetics Lounge in Milngavie if you live in Scotland. Staff are so lovely and very welcoming and I think they did a great job on my eyebrows! I am a very happy customer!

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