Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Lauren's Way Vs Million Dollar Tan!

 Anyone who knows me, knows I am a complete TANOREXIC! I absolutely love fake tan and truly believe the saying "Everything in life is better with a tan" ha! You will very rarely see me without fake tan on, even in winter! So when I heard of the US phenomenon that was "Million Dollar Tan" I just HAD TO HAVE IT!! I tried for months to find a UK supplier but unfortunately I could not find one L. So in August I couldn’t wait any longer and so bought it from the US website.

The reason this post is not just a million dollar tan review is because prior to discovering million dollar tan, Laurens Way was my go to fake tan. Its available in the UK and a lot less expensive so for anyone who was like me and wondering if it is worth the extra penny’s to buy a US fake tan or stick with the good old fashion UK tan. This post is for you!
1st I’ll start with Lauren’s Way!
Lauren Goodger from the Only Way is Essex Fake Tan range I use the “Glam Tan”. It retails at £18.95 for a 250ml bottle, however both times I have purchased mine I have had a 20% off discount code so I managed to snap it up for only £15.16! BARGIN! I LOVE the colour of Lauren’s Way, it’s very dark but natural, and I do have paler friends who are able to use it and prefer a “healthy glow”. That is not my style though, I don’t think I have ever said the words “my fake tan is too dark” The darker the better for me, I don’t want a sunkissed glow I want to look like I’ve been on holiday for a month! Haha.
I like to use fake tan’s with a colour guide, however I do not know why because unlike some who are terrified in the morning to wake up looking too dark, I am usually left disappointed when I wash it off as I prefer the colour of the colour guide! However I don’t feel Lauren’s Way colour guide gets deeper throughout the night so my top tip is to apply enough that you are a shade or two darker than what colour you actually want your tan to turn out. So once your happy with a colour, apply 1 or 2 more coats and that will be the colour you will be when you wash off the colour guide!
Like I said I have friends who just like to add a little colour to their skin tone and so only apply 1-2 layers of this (its liquid so very easy to apply and layer in one application), whereas if you are a tanorexic like me I apply a good 5-6 layers haha! If I have a big night out I tend to do this twice over 2 nights, however just for everyday this is more than enough even for me!
I would say this tan roughly lasts on my skin (looking good) for just under a week. However, I don’t feel like it fades, after a week I feel it starts to patch a little but easy enough to get off by exfoliating! I have had tans in the past that are absolutely impossible to remove, but Lauren’s Way can be removed quite easily. Again with the amount I wear I think this is what leads to the “patchiness” I think if you only had 1 or 2 layers on then it may fade nicely! A 250ml bottle usually lasts me a good 6 months, maybe longer I’m not entirely sure, but again with my friends who don’t apply as much managed to make hers last a year! So if it is just for nights out you most definitely get your money worth!
Also a little mention on the smell, I find it bizarre people still comment on fake tans smelling like biscuits! There are so many different tans out there now that I find it very rare to find one that actually smells like fake tan now (except Johnston’s gradual tan .. that stuff stinks so bad!) personally I quite like the smell of Lauren’s Way, smells a little like oranges!
Next up… Million Dollar Tan!
I opted for the Spray Million Dollar Tan Extreme! This retails at $38 for 8oz which works out about 227ml (random amount) however postage was a whopping! $25 almost the same price as the tan! Haha. There was a cheaper shipping option of $9, however it took upto 4 weeks to arrive and there was no tracking and in the terms and conditions it basically said if it goes missing … tough ha!

Luckily though I did manage to find a 20% off discount code online so I managed to pay $55.40 which worked out roughly £35! I have paid £30 before for St Tropez so I thought it worked out at a not bad price and it came within 2 days which was great!
It has the same type of formula as Lauren’s Way, just a dark liquid, and again I LOVE the colour, however I don’t find it to be as dark as Lauren’s Way and although I apply the same amount of layers I have to always apply over 2 days, as applying only 1 night simply isn’t dark enough for me. However it has a beautiful colour! Even my dad commented on how nice and tanned I was looking! Infact when I wear this I get lots of compliments on the colour! Also although it obviously doesn’t smell like biscuits, I’m not much of a fan of the smell. It’s not terrible though, Lauren’s Way definitely has a nicer scent.
I am not finished the bottle just yet but its definitely running low and I have only used it for 3 occasions (obviously my occasion requires a tanning application over 2 days!) I think I will probably will only have enough for another 2 nights out.
Now this is where it gets tricky! So far Lauren’s Way is looking like a clear winner, the bottle lasts longer, it smells nicer, its cheaper, its darker … however Million Dollar Tan lasts on the skin (looking good) an amazing 2 weeks! It fades nicely but even by the end of week 2 you are still tanned! Once it gets into 3 weeks then I find it can start to patch but again its easily removed by exfoliating.

My conclusion is I think I will continue to purchase … both tans! Haha. I honestly love both so much I don’t think I could live without either ha!
I love that Million Dollar tan has such a natural colour that lasts so well on the skin, but Lauren’s Way is such a good price there’s no reason I can’t keep it as a back up!
Below I have uploaded a few pictures of me wearing the tan so you can get a better idea of the colour.
Remember if you aren’t a tanorexic like me then don’t be scared by the colour, less can be applied to still have the gorgeous colour without it being as dark as mine, and as for girls like me who are constantly coming across reviews for a “sunkissed look” but want to know which fake tan’s will actually make you DARK this one is for you! Haha.

This is me wearing Lauren's Way (2 coats)

This is me wearing Million Dollar Tan (2 coats plus a third on my calfs and arms as my stomach and thighs seem to take to the tan better so was just to even myself out) 
The first picture is me on night 1 in Ibiza.
The 2nd picture is our last night so 6 days in, and we also had a salt water shower!)  



  1. Great post! Not tried Laurens way yet, will need to add to my collection x

  2. From the pictures (though could be difference in lighting), the million dollar tan looks an amazing colour and personally I feel that one suits you better! :)
    Great detailed post! I am like you in that I type loads and get all info it! That's what I love in blogs! :D


  3. Aw thankyou Kammi! I do love the colour of the million dollar tan! I was kind of hoping it wasnt worth the hype now i'm going to have to keep getting it shipped from America ha! x