Monday, 11 November 2013

Paul Mitchell Fab Faves

Hi there!

I thought I would do a first impressions post on this as usually I will try use a product for a while before I think about doing a review on it, but as this has a leave in conditioner, this is something I would only maybe use once or twice a month and as this is a Christmas gift set I thought it would suit better to do a first impression and after a few months if my opinion has changed or if I have any other comments on them then I will do another post to update you guys!

As you can see from the pictures below this is a Fab Girls Finish First Gift Set by Paul Mitchell which I got from a recent Paul Mitchell event in Glasgow. I will link my review to the event here. Although this was a free PR sample I will give my honest opinion on it!

I haven't yet used the Fast Drying Sculpting Spray so I will do a separate review on this. However last night I tried the Original Shampoo and the Original Leave In Conditioner.

First the Shampoo - It says on the bottle that this is a gentle shampoo so I wasn't really sure what to expect from it however it lathered really nice (I hate shampoos that you have to use lots and lots of the product to get a good lather haha, but this lathered really nicely so I felt like my hair was getting a good clean. It smelled like coconuts which isn't a scent I would usually choose I find the smell of coconut a little sickly but that’s just me, the smell wasn't awful just not to my taste.

Next the Leave In Conditioner - The thought of leaving the shower without conditioning my hair REALLY SCARED ME!! I was so tempted to condition my hair a little before I put this is but I wanted to give a proper review so I resisted! So you apply this to damp hair so I took that to apply once I am out of the shower. So I did this, I'm not sure if I applied too much but when I started to put it through my hair I was really worried because my hair felt really .. well like I had conditioner in it, I was expecting it to be like when you apply straightening lotions etc to your hair, however it did brush through quite nicely, a little tuggy as to be expected but better than when I normally brush my hair when I came out the shower. I still felt as though I had conditioner in my hair though so I got a towel and tried to squeeze some of the excess out of my hair. It does say on the bottle small amount but I was so scared of brushing my hair because I hadn't put conditioner in, in the shower I think I put too much in haha! but once I squeezed some of it out I felt better. It doesn't say whether you can blow dry your hair or not so I wasn’t sure and left it in while I moisturized, put on a face mask and watched the xfactor and by the time xfactor had finished my hair was starting to dry. I didn't want to go to bed with it wet as I didn't know how it would turn out and was afraid of what state my hair would be in when I woke up in the morning, also because I had been lazing about with it in, my hair was starting to crunch so I decided to blow dry the rest of my hair. The crunching went away when I brushed my hair and when I was finished blow drying my hair I was really surprised with the results! My hair looked so straight and felt really soft. My hair is usually quite the frizzy mess after I have blow dried it.

This morning my hair feels really soft!  So all in all I really liked this product. My fears were unnecessary and I think I will be adding this to my hair care routine once or twice a month. I'm very impressed!

(This is a pic of my hair right after I blow dried it! Haven't even straightened it! Apologies for the half face shot as you can tell I'm not wearing any make up and I'm in my onesie haha)



  1. I love Paul Mitchell products, only tried their Curls range so far but these products sound great too!

  2. Fab review. I love my Paul Mitchell products I got at the event. Hopefully I will review then soon x