Friday, 1 November 2013

Halloween Candle Holders!

As I said in my last post we are having a halloween party this weekend at my house so you will most likely see a few posts this weekend from me & my sister (Pretty Polly's Blog) while preparations begin!

This morning I made these little Halloween *Pumpkin Style* Candle Holders! Which are actually made from oranges! I thought they were just so cute I had to share them!

First I just took one of the oranges and cut open the top, making sure it is big enough to fit a t-light and leaving enough room to be able to get the contents out of the orange.

Next I scooped out the contents of the orange using a tea spoon & a sharp knife. This gets very messy so be sure to have plenty of kitchen roll to hand and a plate or bowl to catch all the juice! 

I then cut out a little pumpkin face using a knife.

Finally I put t-lights inside & this is how they looked when lit! 

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  1. wow!! these are amazing and better than pumpkins because they are small and cute!