Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Lauren's Way Darker Than Dark Glam Tan

Hi there!

Unless you have never read any of my blog posts before you'll know I absolutely love Lauren's Way Glam Tan so when they DM'd me on Twitter asking if they could send me their new Darker Than Dark Glam Tan, I literally squealed with excitement! I'm not kidding ... I screamed out loud haha!

I have a post on all the reasons why I love the regular Glam Tan which I will link here, and pretty much the only slight negative I have, although I wouldn't even call it a negative as it is the same problem I have with every tan is that I always have to do it over at least 2 nights to get it to the deep tan I'm always longing for and also in comparison to the Million Dollar Tan it didn't last quite as long on the skin.

Enter Darker Than Dark Glam Tan! It has all the amazing qualities of Glam Tan that I love except it's darker! With half the effort I get that gorgeous deep tan and I also find this longer lasting, even after the 1 week mark I was still looking bronzed so definite thumbs up from me!

This is by far the darkest tan I have ever used so if your looking for a natural sun kissed look I would maybe go for the regular Glam Tan as this starts light but is buildable, whereas this is super bronzed right from the first application, unless you use like 3 sprays.

Typically when applying a liquid tan like this I will spray onto a mitt or directly onto my skin (I usually do a little mixture of both) and I will do this around 5-6 times, however with this to get to that same shade of colour I literally only have to layer 2-3 times! So literally takes me half the time which is just amazing because I love to be tanned ... but man I hate applying it's so time consuming but not with this tan!

(1st picture is me without any fake tan on, as you can see my calves and arms are a lighter skin tone than my thighs, I know I'm not like ghostly white but i'm still too pale for me haha. 2nd picture is one layer of tan done on one side, one layer is the amount I have shown in the picture above. 3rd picture is before I washed the colour guide off, I like to leave mine on as long as possible I think you get a darker tan this way so I wash mine of after work rather than before, I just wear tights and long sleeves no one will know haha. Final picture is after I have washed all the colour guide off, as I mentioned before my arms and calves are naturally lighter than my thighs so I did do an extra coat on these areas to even myself out.)

With regards to the colour guide, I don't know if it just me but when I apply tan it never really develops I tend to roughly be that colour in the morning and so never rely on it. I will always apply on the basis of whatever colour I am after applying that is what colour I want to be, so once I reach that colour I will go for another layer just to be on the safe side. 

Word of warning though as the higher the DHA in fake tan usually the more drying so if you're like me and are prone to your tan drying out make sure you moisturise as frequently as possible. I do sometimes suffer from tan drying out on the front of my calves but for me it's just what happens if I want a really dark tan as I apply so much and I do have dry skin so this won't be a problem for everyone. 

So move over Million Dollar Tan! Before I couldn't pick a winner but Lauren's Way Darker Than Dark Glam Tan has stolen the crown!

I had so much trouble with lighting to show a true reflection of this tan so I hope these pictures are okay! Also I'm sorry that I cut out my head but I applied the tan when I came out of the shower so I didn't have any make up on and it was late at night so didn't want to start putting on make up, and incase you are wondering I don't tan my face.

Have you tried the tan yet?


  1. Wow, this does look pretty effective! I only tend to fake tan when I'm going on a night out and I don't really experiment much with it either but this looks really good! Thanks for sharing :) Danielle x

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  2. I also reviewed this! love your review lovely

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