Tuesday, 19 November 2013

35 Random Facts About Me!

Hi there!

I've been pretty quiet this week but if you pop on over to The Sweet Chilli Sisters page you will see that i'm currently doing a detox so I just haven't really had the energy to keep on top of my posts so here's a litte tag for now!

In addition to my last post *Get to Know Me Tag* I remembered my sister did a *35 Random Facts About Me* so I thought I would do it too!

So here goes:

1. I’m only a tiny 5ft … people always wait for me to more but that’s it, just 5ft ha!

2. Pepperoni Pizza is my weakness … especially Dominos *nom nom nom*

3. I don’t eat ANY kind of white sauce ie, mayo, sour cream etc infact me, my mum, dad and sister are all the same ha you won’t find mayo in our house ha!

4. I’m scared of tomato ketchup haha I love tomatoes, salsa, anything tomato based but ketchup literally terrifies me, my boyfriend always jokes he’s going to put some on me when I’m sleeping, but never has because he knows his life would not be worth living afterwards! Hahaha.

5. I’m 23 … but people love tell me I look 12 thanks .. lmao!

6. I have been with my boyfriend for 6 years and we were best friends for 2 years before we got together … and we’re still best friends now awwww lol.

7. I LOVE make up but didn’t start wearing it till I had left school when I was 17, even though my friends all wore make up to school. (I must have looked like a right ugly duckling) lmao.

8.  I rarely straighten my hair, probably only 2-3 times a month

9. When I was 19 I had bleach blonde hair … or should I say WHITE hair haha but I absolutely loved it!

10.My oldest friend Stacy and I have been best friends since we were 7 and we’re still best friends now. My other best friend Nicola and I went to the same primary school (in the same year) and never really spoke and then became best friends in 1st year at secondary school, and we still don’t really know why we never spoke in primary school haha!

11.I took my first driving lesson on my 17th Birthday! But couldn’t deal with the stress of the test and so took a year break and didn’t pass till I was 19 ha, I actually had to get a prescription from the doctors to deal with my nerves!

12.I try eat healthy as much as I can and use Rapid Fitness as a guide!

13.I am the untidiest person ever! Mess literally follows me, my friends always make fun of me when we go on holiday because my stuff is just EVERYWHERE lmao! And my boyfriend hates it! He likes to think he’s really tidy but really he just hides everything! Lmao!

14. I have an online shopping ADDICTION! It’s really not normal

15.I love Hollyoaks and have watched it for years but record them for weeks on end and then watch them in bed all day with a hangover. No matter how behind I get I HAVE catch up, I’ve been known to have 8 weeks of Hollyoaks to catch up on quite regularly actually ha.

16.I LOVE reality shows! I know I shouldn’t, these people get to be rich and famous for living everyday life it’s so unfair but I can’t help it I love it!! Hahaha

17.Dexter is my favourite TV show and when my boyfriend and I started watching I, it literally took over our lives! It was ridiculous! Haha

18.I love watching youtube videos and my favourite YouTuber is Shaaanxo.

19. I am like the complete opposite of a morning person, my alarm goes off for a full hour in the morning, I just cannot get out of bed and so I am constantly late for everything, and you would then think that meant I’m more of a night hock then but I’m not a late night person either, I NEED 10 hours sleep a night lmao and love an early night, I sound really boring now lmao but I just love sleeping so much lolol

20.I like to think I’m organised but I’m really not, for instance I keep a spreadsheet for all my finances (geek) but still always seem to run out of money anyway, it’s a pointless spreadsheet that I have been using for about 5 years that’s never actually benefitted me that much .. but I will continue to use it lmao!

21.I wish I looked like Kylie Jenner, how is it possible to be that hot when your 16!!

22.I love reading Katie Price’s autobiographies, I’m not a huge fan of hers but her books fascinate me, there’s something really intriguing about her!

23.I tried reading the 50 Shades of Grey books but gave up about a quarter of the way into book 2, they were just too graphic for me and made me feel physically sick lmao!

24.Twilight Saga are my favourite books and also my favourite films!  I’m a total Twihard! I went to see the final film in the cinema 3 times! Obsessed I know haha!

25.My favourite colour is pink!

26.I am OBSESSED with leopard print! You will very rarely see me without something leopard print and I even have a leopard print wall in my bedroom!

27.Mexican and Italian are my favourite types of food to eat!

28.I haven't ate red meat almost my entire life, I just didn't like it, until the past 2 months i've started eating burgers .. weird haha!

29.I have a gorgeous little God Daughter named Mia! & we even share the same birthday! She’s so beautiful and I cried the first time I held her. She is just my favourite little person ever!

30.I love getting all dressed up for a night out but it does usually take me at least an hour just to do my make up oops ha!

31.I love an ALL DAY SESH! Haha, I love nothing more than getting drunk during the day with my best friends IN FLAT SHOES! Being drunk in flats is literally the best thing ever haha! It usually involves A LOT of dancing ha! 

32.I’m really close with my older sister and love that even though she’s moved out now she only lives around the corner yay. I love her cooking! She’s such an amazing cook! Also her husband James is like a big brother to me. They've been together for 10 years so he's been in my life since I was only 13 and they have been completely inseperable since the day they got together so he lived with me for about 6 years! Sometimes I have to remind him thats he's not actually my brother though ha! He's very protective of me, but its only because i'm his favourite family member ha!
33.When I was 21 I got laser eye surgery. It was really expensive but definitely the best thing I ever did and I think it was worth every penny! I was really blind haha!

34.I have 2 tattoo’s and would like another but it takes me years to figure out what I want   because I like them to be quite small and somewhere they can be easily hidden as I don’t want them on show on my wedding day lolol. Princess’s don’t have tattoos! Haha.

35.I have been on 8 holidays with my friends since I was 17. Loves a party holiday! Haha, they include, 4 trips to Ibiza, 2 trips to Ayia Napa, Zante and Magaluf! 


Friday, 15 November 2013

Lush Face Mask!

Last month my sister and I attended the Fabb Event Glasgow and one of my favourite treats I got given on the day was a facemask by Lush! I actually used to work on Buchanan Street, so was right across from the Lush store in Glasgow and have never purchased anything from there, shocking I know! I went in several times but was always just lost with the amount of products, so would just walk around the store with a very intimidated look on my face and then just walk back out haha! 

The girls at the stand were very friendly and helpful and gave us a little background knowledge into some of the products and explained how everything in store is hand made and to feel free to ask any questions when in store and the staff will recommend products and explain anything about the products we would like to know.

We were then given a little goodie bag which contained a Mask of Magnaminty Face Mask.


The smell is really minty and fresh and when you first put it on its like *POW* mint! But I do quite like it because it feels so clean and refreshing on your face. My only negative i have about this product is that because its fresh and handmade it has an expiration date so I'm so upset some of it is going to go to waste! I've used it once a week since I got it and its not even half way done! I usually use it on a Sunday night after I've washed my hair to give my face a nice glow for the week! It really does make your face look just so glowy and healthy, I love it!

My boyfriend is a plasterer and so his face gets dry and his pores get blocked a lot due to working with plaster everyday so I managed to persuade him to use this one night with me and his skin honestly looked so amazing afterwards! His skin was just glowing! 

I'm so impressed with this facemask I really want to try some more Lush products! 

Anyone recommend any Lush products for me to try?

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Stila All Over Shimmer Duo in Kitten

Hi there!
I thought I'd do a little review of my Stila All Over Shimmer Duo in Kitten! Honestly until this year other than the ysl touche eclat, I did not know anything about highlighting and when I would see these really shimmery products in store I would think, what are you ment to do with this?, you'd look like a glitter ball if you wore this over your face haha! I know know don't laugh at me haha. However for Christmas last year I got a Samsung Galaxy Tab and YouTube tutorials came into my life!
Since discovering YouTube tutorials my make collection has continued to grow including highlighters, I bought the Sleek Contour Kit and this was my first highlighter I owned and when a friend of mine who is a make up artist complimented my highlight I was so pleased and so started to look at more highlighting products!
Shaaanxo is my favourite YouTuber! She's from New Zealand and her make up always looks flawless and stunning! So when she raved about her holy grail product being the Stila All Over Shimmer Duo in Kitten I just had to have it! I have had this for a few months now but it was so difficult to track down, every UK website I could find it on was always sold out! However since finally getting my hands on it, it seems to be popping up alot more, they even have it on ASOS now! (I got mine from the Stila Website which is currently sold out again)

I love the packaging, it's smaller than the palm of my hand and really thin so takes up little room in my make up bag and its pink and shimmery! What's not to love! It also comes with two different shimmer colours which can be used individually or mixed together so really its 3 highlighters in one and for only £15!

I really like this highlight and my preferred way to use it is my mixing the two sides together, however I love using the bronze side in summer. The product is really soft and creamy so it's lovely to use, it swatches beautifully and the colours are stunning! However my only negative about this product is that although the swatches are pigmented I feel it doesn't show up as well on the cheek bone as other highlighters I have tried (for example mac soft and gentle which my mum has got me for Christmas) however I do really love this highlighter! and will still continue to use it even when I get my new mac one but I think this is better suited for day time make up as when I'm going out I prefer a much stronger contour and highlight!

(Top swatch is both colours mixed together, middle is bronze side and bottom is pink side)

All in all I really like this product and would recommend to anyone on the look out for a new highlighter it's really 3 highlighters in one so great value for money and it's also great for travelling due to the compact size!
Hope you enjoyed my review of this product!

Monday, 11 November 2013

Paul Mitchell Fab Faves

Hi there!

I thought I would do a first impressions post on this as usually I will try use a product for a while before I think about doing a review on it, but as this has a leave in conditioner, this is something I would only maybe use once or twice a month and as this is a Christmas gift set I thought it would suit better to do a first impression and after a few months if my opinion has changed or if I have any other comments on them then I will do another post to update you guys!

As you can see from the pictures below this is a Fab Girls Finish First Gift Set by Paul Mitchell which I got from a recent Paul Mitchell event in Glasgow. I will link my review to the event here. Although this was a free PR sample I will give my honest opinion on it!

I haven't yet used the Fast Drying Sculpting Spray so I will do a separate review on this. However last night I tried the Original Shampoo and the Original Leave In Conditioner.

First the Shampoo - It says on the bottle that this is a gentle shampoo so I wasn't really sure what to expect from it however it lathered really nice (I hate shampoos that you have to use lots and lots of the product to get a good lather haha, but this lathered really nicely so I felt like my hair was getting a good clean. It smelled like coconuts which isn't a scent I would usually choose I find the smell of coconut a little sickly but that’s just me, the smell wasn't awful just not to my taste.

Next the Leave In Conditioner - The thought of leaving the shower without conditioning my hair REALLY SCARED ME!! I was so tempted to condition my hair a little before I put this is but I wanted to give a proper review so I resisted! So you apply this to damp hair so I took that to apply once I am out of the shower. So I did this, I'm not sure if I applied too much but when I started to put it through my hair I was really worried because my hair felt really .. well like I had conditioner in it, I was expecting it to be like when you apply straightening lotions etc to your hair, however it did brush through quite nicely, a little tuggy as to be expected but better than when I normally brush my hair when I came out the shower. I still felt as though I had conditioner in my hair though so I got a towel and tried to squeeze some of the excess out of my hair. It does say on the bottle small amount but I was so scared of brushing my hair because I hadn't put conditioner in, in the shower I think I put too much in haha! but once I squeezed some of it out I felt better. It doesn't say whether you can blow dry your hair or not so I wasn’t sure and left it in while I moisturized, put on a face mask and watched the xfactor and by the time xfactor had finished my hair was starting to dry. I didn't want to go to bed with it wet as I didn't know how it would turn out and was afraid of what state my hair would be in when I woke up in the morning, also because I had been lazing about with it in, my hair was starting to crunch so I decided to blow dry the rest of my hair. The crunching went away when I brushed my hair and when I was finished blow drying my hair I was really surprised with the results! My hair looked so straight and felt really soft. My hair is usually quite the frizzy mess after I have blow dried it.

This morning my hair feels really soft!  So all in all I really liked this product. My fears were unnecessary and I think I will be adding this to my hair care routine once or twice a month. I'm very impressed!

(This is a pic of my hair right after I blow dried it! Haven't even straightened it! Apologies for the half face shot as you can tell I'm not wearing any make up and I'm in my onesie haha)


Saturday, 9 November 2013

Outfit of The Night!

Hi there!

On Wednesday night my sister and I went along to an event at Urban Bar & Brasserie in Glasgow City Centre. I will link their website here. A post on this will be uploaded soon onto our new food blog page! TheSweetChilliSisters. I thought since the post on the event won't be up on this page I would do a little OOTN!

I had to go to the event straight from the office (no I didn't wear this in work all day haha) so I brung something that was quick and easy to change into, wouldn't take up too much room in a bag and was a smart/casual kind of look!

Top - Primark
Leggings - New Look
Shoes - Dune
Jacket - Rare at Topshop 

I chose to wear this little cami style top with chain straps that I got from Primark for only £5! Can't believe what a bargin this little beauty was because I absolutely love it! They also had this in green unfortunetly they didn't have it in my size otherwise I would have bought that colour too! This deep berry colour is one of my favourite colours at the moment and at that price as if I could resist! I just wore this with some leggings and leopard print wedges and jacket! I also wore my hair in a messy ponytail just to casual up the look a little and also to show off the chain straps on my top!

Friday, 8 November 2013

New Food Blog!

Hi there!

Just wanted to let you all know that my sister and I have decided to create our very own food blog!

We are both big food lovers so thought why not blog about it together! Our main reason for doing this blog together was that two people can be sitting in the one restaurant and have two completely different opinions on the food so we thought this would be a good way to get more than one opinion but only having to look in the one place!

Our name came from the fact that we love sweet treats and we also love spicy food .. and we're sisters! hence The Sweet Chilli Sisters! Cute!

Please go have a look at our new page and follow us!


Thursday, 7 November 2013

Urban Decay Make Up Event!

Last Wednesday my sister and I went along to Urban Decay in debenhams for a make up lesson! The event tickets cost £10 and then on the night your ticket was then redeemed as a £10 voucher to use towards any urban decay products you wanted to buy! The event was a Glammy Jammie Party so girls were encouraged to wear their onesie and pop in their rollers, however we decided to go for lunch first and last minute decided to leave the onesies at home as Debenhams was still open when the event was going on so we didn't feel too comfortable being in a shop in town in our onesie! We were glad we did though as majority of the girls also didn't come in their onesie or rollers! However the staff did get into the spirit of things so the Glammy Jammie theme was still there ... even though we didn't join in haha!

The lesson started with Danielle Roberts the Manager at Urban Decay creating a cut crease eye make up look on one of the other members of staff as well as a full face of make up using all urban decay products including their new christmas collection  (I will link Danielle's facebook page her work is flawless!) She talked us through each step of the make up, describing what she was doing, why she was doing it and what products she was using, as well as this another member of staff would then tell us more information about the product being used so it was a very informative lesson and I learned alot about urban decay products that I didn't already know. I love their eyeshadows but havn't tried much else so it was great to hear about what other products they actually offer for instance I had no idea urban decay did mascara! I've never heard anyone talk about them before!

Once Danielle had finished creating the look we all got a few minutes to look more closely at the model and take some pictures of the look and then finally the fun started! We were given a free pass to use whatever make we wanted off the stands in the shop! Including brushes! I immediately took off my make up to try out a whole face look! I thought this was just an amazing idea for an event, not as if every day you could walk into debenhams and do a full face of make up on yourself using the products out on show! Was an amazing way to try before you buy because lets be honest a swatch sometimes isn't enough to get a full feel for a product and when buying lower end make up its worth the risk but if you're spending £27 on a foundation, wouldn't it be great if you could properly try it out on your own face first! Or £42 on an eyeshadow palette, they may swatch well but you would rather try them out on your eye and see how pigmented they go onto the lid and how well they blend.

So after I was finished playing around with the make up I decided to purchase the Urban Decay Ammo Palette (review coming soon) and a Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Colour (review coming soon) which are both just gorgeous and so pigmented! I'm never disaspointed when it comes to urban decay!

Here's a few pictures from the event! 

I did not even want to show you my attempt at a cut crease, it did not go well haha however I do think I learned a lot from the lesson & if I practice a little more hopefully I can master it for Christmas parties! So this is just a little picture of me in Debenhams after playing around will all the goodies urban decay have to offer!

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Semi-Permanent Eyebrows!

Hi there!

I've been slacking a little bit this week as I've been on annual leave from work so I was just having a few lazy days but I'm back now and I thought I would do a little post on my semi-permanent eyebrows as I have never actually seen a post on them before and they can be a very expensive investment so I thought it would be helpful to anyone thinking of getting them.

Despite my dark hair I have unusually light eyebrows, don’t really know what happened there as they are just as light as my sisters who was born blonde!

Also which some may see as a blessing they take forever to grow in, I literally only have to get my eyebrows waxed 2-3 times a year! But as the trends change it became impossible for me to change the shape of my eyebrows to the high arch which is on trend at the moment, instead I was stuck with the eyebrow shape that was current in 2004 when I started getting them waxed! Haha. Luckily because they are so light I was able to pencil (or powder) in whatever shape I wanted but this resulted in MANY bad eyebrow days, some days they just don’t want to co-operate and look the same as each other! Haha.
I had thought about getting the semi-permanent eyebrows a lot but the expensive price tag of up to £350 always put me off! However after receiving a Groupon credit after I had to get a refund on another deal, a deal for semi-permanent eyebrows popped up! The deal was £100 instead of £350 and I already had a £70 Groupon Credit, I felt as if I would only be paying £30 for them (even though the £70 credit was my own money) haha.

I went to The Aesthetics Lounge in Milngavie (I will link they’re facebook page) The clinic owner did the treatment herself which I thought was really good, I felt like I was in safe hands, she was so lovely and friendly and made me feel comfortable when I was absolutely terrified! (it’s basically a tattoo on your face! so I couldn’t help but think what if I don’t like them and they’re stuck on my face! it's not like I can hide them! Haha) I did do some research before I went, looking at some of the work she had done on other clients on her facebook page and I was really impressed, so even though I was terrified I was also really excited to see how they would turn out!

I drew in my eyebrows how I like them before I went so she could get a rough idea of what I was after and the colour I like them (I’m always afraid that because of my dark hair people assume I want my eyebrows that colour but that’s too dramatic for me haha) and then she drew markings over my eyebrows to show a rough idea of how they were going to look. She even let me make any changes I wanted to make.

A numbing gel was placed on my eyebrows before hand. I must admit even though they use a needle I wasn’t expecting it to actually feel like getting a tattoo on your face …. But honestly … it felt like getting a tattoo on your face! haha. I can’t imagine how much it would have hurt without the numbing gel! Luckily it didn’t hurt that much at first, but because it’s such a small area being covered, it was basically just the needle going over and over the same area and that’s why it hurt! The procedure lasted about 40 minutes, it really didn’t feel like that long though and the pain didn’t properly kick in till about the last 10 minutes, and although it was painful, it was bearable pain! And it was definitely worth it when I saw the finished result!

I was so happy with them, I absolutely loved the shape, I finally had an arch! They look much darker to begin with and start to scab that same day, they recommend that you put Vaseline on them in the morning and before bed and try not to get them wet! Scabbing should eventually fall off on its own after a week, mine took almost 2 weeks for the scabbing to heal though and to be honest you do look pretty silly as the scabbing starts to come off haha! But it’s not even that noticeable to other people it’s more of something that will annoy you more than anything. They can also get very itchy! My Iphone camera was my best friend for 2 weeks as I looked into it to scratch around my eyebrow every 10 minutes haha!  

After 4 weeks I had to go back for my top up which cost £60 (don’t worry they don’t need topped up every 4 weeks), this is good because you can then make changes to them as you have had a  little bit of time to get used to them. I got mine a little darker and a little thicker! The numbing gel seemed to work much better this time round, it hurt a little at the beginning and by the end I could barely feel a thing which I was so relieved about as I was absolutely dreading the pain!

Next time is up to me, when I feel they need topped up again is my own personal preference, they usually suggest after about a year. It has been 5 months since I first got them done and I think they are still looking great! Absolutely one of the best things I have ever done! They just make such a difference, really frame your face. I also feel more confident to go out without make up now because before it was so obvious when I had no make-up on, I looked so strange because it practically looked like I had no eyebrows ha! I feel my face looks much more put together without any effort.  

(The first picture is me before I started filling in my eyebrows (virtually look like I have no eyebrows argh!)
(2nd picture is the picture took in the clinic for my "before shot" please excuse the non waxed eyebrow, I had been trying to grow them to change the shape, clearly was not working, I actually hadn't had my eyebrows waxed in almost a year and this was as far as I got ha!) Also please excuse the patchy make up I hadn't thought about the fact she would have to wipe it off ha!)
(3rd picture is the picture took in the clinic for my "after shot")
(4th picture is me later that day sending a picture to my friends to let them have a look)

(1st two pictures is to let you have a look at how they look while they are healing! So this is while they are still scabbing)
(3rd picture is while they are healing after my top up, this is a day or two before they were fully healed up so they were looking a little patchy but as you can see you can fill them in with powder while to heal to even them out)
(4th picture was taken exactly 4 months since I first got the procedure done)

I am still so happy with them and honestly don't know how I ever survived without them! No more bad eyebrow days YAY! When the time comes for a top up I know I'm not going to be able to say no but I do think they are a worth while investment! I also recomment The Aesthetics Lounge in Milngavie if you live in Scotland. Staff are so lovely and very welcoming and I think they did a great job on my eyebrows! I am a very happy customer!

Friday, 1 November 2013

Halloween Candle Holders!

As I said in my last post we are having a halloween party this weekend at my house so you will most likely see a few posts this weekend from me & my sister (Pretty Polly's Blog) while preparations begin!

This morning I made these little Halloween *Pumpkin Style* Candle Holders! Which are actually made from oranges! I thought they were just so cute I had to share them!

First I just took one of the oranges and cut open the top, making sure it is big enough to fit a t-light and leaving enough room to be able to get the contents out of the orange.

Next I scooped out the contents of the orange using a tea spoon & a sharp knife. This gets very messy so be sure to have plenty of kitchen roll to hand and a plate or bowl to catch all the juice! 

I then cut out a little pumpkin face using a knife.

Finally I put t-lights inside & this is how they looked when lit! 

Halloween - The Voltorri Costume!

I thought I would share with you guys my boyfriends Voltorri Vampire Costume for Halloween! We're having a halloween party at my house on Saturday so we did a little test run of his costume yesterday & I thought I would share it with you!