Friday, 20 December 2013

12 Days of Christmas - Christmas Wish List

Hi there!

Day 8! Christmas is getting so close!! I have my work Christmas lunch today so trying to get a blog post up before I go, as lets be honest ... I am most likely not going to be in fit state when I get home tonight haha!

Its also for some of us lucky people (like me) its early pay day for Christmas! yayyy!! (I know, I know its supposed to last me 6 weeks but I will deal with that when I need to haha!)

But what better time to put up my Christmas Wish List!

As you probably already know I love big hair! So I definitely need these in my life! I love Dizzy Brunette's (Blog) (YouTube) hair and she swears by these so hopefully Santa will bring me them this year!

Up until last year I don't even think I owned a pair of trainers now I have loads! I wear them all the time and Nike Blazers are my favourite! I love the glitter detail on these, they also come in pink but I already have pink Blazers so I really like these grey ones!

I think I want just about ALL of the lime crime lipsticks ... minus the crazy ones like blue and yellow haha! But Poisionberry just looks like the most stunning colour! Really hope this little bad boy ends up in my stocking this year haha! (how cute is the packaging?!)

Quite a random selection but I do have the Models Own version of the Beauty Blender and I really like it but I always hear nothing compares to the real thing so I'd like to take that to the test!


I'm trying to get more into looking after my hair and i've heard this hair mask is amazing but quite expensive so would be a lovely treat if someone got me it for Christmas.

There's something about these little booties I just really love! ... well lets be honest its obviously the glitter! I think they're just super cute!

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