Sunday, 15 December 2013

12 Days of Christmas - Christmas Shopping OOTD!

Hi there!

Day 3 already of the 12 days of Christmas! 

Yesterday while watching YouTube tutorials I came across Karissa Pukas 'Holiday Look' tutorial (Link) that she had posted a few days ago! I thought it looked so festive and inspired me to put together a little festive Christmas shopping outfit!

Lace Top - Primark
(can't remember the price sorry! £4 maybe?)

Black Vest Top - New Look - £2.99 
(They don't have the black online at the moment so I have linked the grey)

Skirt - New Look - £7
(I'm really tiny (5ft) so I prefer to buy my skater skirts from the teens section at New Look as they fit me better, however they do have a similar style/colour in the womans section that is currently on sale for £10. I will link here.)

Shoes - Dr Martens (I got mine from Office) - £90

Ideally I would have wore this outfit with a black chunky scarf/snood. I have one from H&M but could not find it anywhere! So was very annoyed because I think it would have really completed the look but I had already did my make up to match the outfit before I realised so I decided to do the post anyway. Fingers crossed I find it soon as it is my favourite scarf!

Hope this inspired you to put together a nice festive look for Christmas shopping!


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    1. Thanks! I'm loving that colour just now so just had to buy it when I saw it & was so cheap! haha xx