Wednesday, 18 December 2013

12 Days of Christmas - Christmas Present Idea! - Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Gift Set

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Day 6 today and I thought I would do a gift idea plus review for the Paul Mitchell - You're a Pretty Big Deal Gift Set!

I was lucky enough to be given this set at a Paul Mitchell event in Glasgow, however this review is all my own opinion. Although the event was in October I like to try stuff out a few times before I do a review on them, as sometimes opinions can change from first impressions. 

First things first, the packaging! How gorgeous! One of my main reasons why I think this would make a fab Christmas present. Nothing says Christmas like a bit of Christmas sparkle! This set retails at £26 and includes a 300ml bottle of Extra Body Shampoo, 300ml bottle of Extra Body Conditioner and 250ml bottle of Extra Body Daily Booster Spray, so you definitely get your monies worth in this set!

I always think good quality hair care makes a great present as it isn't something people tend to pick up on their own as much as they should. So it is something I look forward to receiving at Christmas. 

I think this set in particular is a great one to choose as I like to save it for special occasions and nights out to give my hair that extra boost and everyone wants to look their best when going out so knowing I've used good quality products gives you that extra little boost of confidence and makes it a little more special! 

Now I've told you why I think it would make a great present I'll go onto the review!

Extra Body Daily Shampoo - This shampoo feels really light weight in your hair ... if that makes sense! I think how light a shampoo/conditioner feels, is a good indication of how volumising it will be. Really thick creamy nourishing hair products do make the hair really soft but they're not what you're looking for, if you want volume! Its not super lathery (if that's a word haha!) which I do usually look for in a shampoo but I can forgive that as all I'm really looking for is maximum volume! I don't really know how to describe the smell, just smells like shampoo haha! Doesn't have a specific scent like fruity or anything. Doesn't smell bad though.. just smells like shampoo! 

Extra Body Daily Rinse - This also feels really light weight, I do usually prefer really think creamy conditioners but like I said before a creamy conditioner and volume just don't mix haha! Still does the job of a conditioner though smoothing out my hair. The conditioner has the same scent as the shampoo.

Extra Body Daily Boost Spray - This is my favourite of the set! I have a tresemme root booster spray but I much prefer this one. It sprays really nicely so I feel like it distributes through my hair well and I really notice a difference in the volume of my hair when I use this even on its own without the other products. I also feel like if I back comb my hair after using it this it really helps along with the volume. It is a really great root booster! I use this in my hair everytime I wash it, not just when I'm going out, just to give my hair a bit of a boost and if I could chose only one product from the set to repurchase this would definitely be it! I like using all 3 products together for maximum volume and I will be repurchasing this when it runs out! 

Along with this set I like to use the Paul Mitchell Fast Drying Sculpting Spray which I have still to review so keep an eye out for that! On this review I will include some pictures of my hair where I've used all 4 products because I think this post is long enough!

Hope you enjoyed this review and have a look at the Paul Mitchell Party Time Sets when Christmas shopping this year! I will link my review to my "Fab Girls Finish First Set" here also. Time is running out so I know we all need all the inspiration we can get!

I will be back tomorrow with Day 7 of the 12 Days of Christmas series!

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