Friday, 31 January 2014

Beauty Favourites 2013 - Beauty Products

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I will link my previous Beauty Favourite of 2013 below:

Favourite Facial Scrub

The morning energy statement is what drew me to this product! I don't know if it just mental psychology but I really do feel like this wakes me up in the morning haha. As you can see it is almost done so you know it has been loved. It makes your skin feel really fresh and clean, especially when you use it in the shower. 

Favourite Moisturiser

This is my second bottle of this and I will definitely be buying another. It can be used as a moisture mask but I use it every single day just as a regular moisturiser. It's so moisturising and just makes your skin glow. My favourite ever moisturiser! ... I just said moisturiser so many times haha. 

Favourite Fake Tan

I did a post on this tan which I will link here. I really love this tan, I've been trying out some other ones recently but this is still my favourite!

Favourite Perfume

I feel like I'm always talking about this perfume but it just smells so good! I do have another one now but I took a picture of the old one so you can see how loved it is haha! Go smell it if you have the chance, its delicious! Really fruity and sweet. 

Favourite Body Butter

This was a Christmas present from my sister in Christmas 2012 that she got at The Girls Day Out Show in Glasgow. It is a vegan brand so you know that it is all goodness and lovely and moisturising. 

(I have now ran out of these so this is a pic of my sister's that she did a blog post on last year - link)

Favourite Exfoliator

This was also a present from my sister. This makes your skin soooo smooth, although it is very messy, that was the only thing I disliked about it because you have to put it on dry but it's a really amazing exfoliator. 

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