Monday, 3 February 2014

Lush Sale Haul!

Hi there!

I literally can't believe that until October last year I'd never actually tried anything from Lush! Well it's safe to say that after receiving some goodies at the FABB Event in Glasgow I am well and truly hooked! I did a little review on the face mask I was given at the event which I will link here

I bought some goodies from Lush in December which I will add in with this post, because well why not! It's a Lush Haul so I will just include all the Lush goodies I have acquired recently! On Boxing Day I really wanted to go to Lush as I've heard the sale is amazing ... but I really didn't feel like trying to get parked in town and all that palava so when I saw on instagram someone making an online Lush order I was so excited because I hadn't realised Lush had a website! So I popped straight on and placed an order while lying in bed! even better haha! 

It was in the afternoon so I think some of the products had already sold out but there was still plenty left to choose from! So I will just dive straight in and let you know what I got!


First of all some shower products! 

Snow Fairy - This was actually a gift from my mum, but I also bought the smaller bottle while in Lush in December. If I'm totally honest I do love the smell but it's not as nice as I thought it was going to be given the hype but it does smell really delicious! 

Grass Shower Gel (£2.47 sale price) - I liked the reviews for this so I decided to buy a little bottle just to try out. It's supposed to be very relaxing and help clear your mind so I'm very curious to try this!

Veganese Conditioner (£2.12 sale price) - I've never tried any hair products from Lush so as it was in the sale I thought this would be a good one to start with! 

Sandy Santa (£2.25 sale price) - Both a body butter and a sugar scrub! I really liked the sound of this! Moisturising while polishing the skin. Sounds lovely!

Star Light, Star Bright (£1.65 sale price) - I just had to get this, its so sparkly! and I have never tried a bath melt before so looking forward to trying this!

Snow Fairy Sparkle Bar (£2.78 sale price) - I have seen a few people rave about these massage bars and they feel really creamy so I think it will feel lovely on the skin!

So White Bath Bomb (£1.62 sale price) - Zoella from Youtube said this is her favourite bath bomb so for £1.62 I thought it was worth a try!

This last bath bomb was actually in a Christmas Gift Set my sister got me so I thought I would throw it in. This honestly smells sooooo amazing! I've seen this one in action before so I'm really excited to use it but it smells so good I'm going to be really sad to use it. I'm saving this one for my birthday haha!

I didn't buy these in the sale, but I did get them in December.

Magic Wand -  I really love this! It smells really nice and makes your bath nice and bubbly while turning the water pink! I wish I'd bought more of these I have already used it three times and it's one of my favourite buys from Lush.

Volcano Foot Mask (£5.95) - I really like to look after my feet and go for pedicures every few months so I thought this would be nice to use in between pedicures. I've only used this once so far and to be honest I really don't like the smell, I expected it to be minty, don't know why but it isn't and it's also really messy. It did make my feet smooth but think i'm best sticking with professional pedicures haha!

Santa Lip Scrub - I got this in my Goodie Bag at the Bloggers Christmas Party so thought I would include it too. First of all I really don't like the little hearts you get at the top, they just get in the way but other than that I really like it. I let a few of my friends try this too and they also really liked it, but felt the same as me about the hearts haha. 


  1. Great haul! I really liked Volcano, but it is a bit messy!


    1. It gets everywhere doesn't it haha! Trying to do my feet and it ends up on my thighs and everything lolol. xx