Monday, 20 January 2014

Beauty Bargin Alert - MyBeautyCompare

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The January blues have well and truly kicked in! Anyone else feeling the same? After the early Christmas wage pennies are running out, and if anyone else is like me, if I don't have enough money to go out ... I want to make up for it in beauty products! So when I was contacted by Hannah at MyBeautyCompare asking if I would like to do a collaboration with them I thought what a perfect post for January! Monies tight but why should we restrict ourself from the occasional beauty splurge when we can save money on the products!

There is already over 50,000 women following it and it is also the world's 1st price comparison site for beauty - so basically it is a 1 stop shop for all women to discover the right products for them at the right prices out of 1500 brands.

As soon as I saw this I was on board! As I have mentioned before I am online shopping addict! and one of the main reasons for this as you get much better value shopping online, from discount codes to extra retailers competing, shopping online can save you so much money!

I am a sucker for a discount (I am that person that MUST buy something just because there's 10% off!) Shopping around is something I already do because why would you want to pay full price when you can get it cheaper elsewhere and have money towards buying something else! That is my logic in life anyway ha! So when I found out there was a website that would do all the searching for me I just had to get involved! 

You can register for free and discover the right beauty products for you based on skin type, age, diet etc. Also when you sign up you will be added onto their mailing list where they will send you some free offers!

They cover everything from skincare, make up, hair care to fragrance! All in one place, however ensuring you get the best price! Is anyone else shocked that this hasn't been done before?! What an amazing idea! ... Probably not for my bank balance though haha!

The website also includes youtube tutorials filled with make up and nail art tips and also a blog!

The blog features products listed on the website so you can immediately click and buy after reading the tutorial/tip! 

They feature an amazing variety of brands from Barry M to Benefit! From L'oreal to Macadamia.

This is definitely a website I know I will use frequently and I am really happy that the website contacted me to tell me about it! 

I recommend you go on and have a look! I will like the website here.

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