Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Paul Mitchell - Fast Drying Sculpting Spray!

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I am finally going to do my review on the Paul Mitchell Fast Drying Sculpting Spray! I got this spray in the Paul Mitchell Fab Girls Finish First Gift Set and I have reviewed the Shampoo and Conditioner in the set here. However I felt this product needed a review on its own! It is seriously like my holy grail hair product when I'm going out, I literally cannot do big hair without this if I want it to stay big! 

I have been using this spray for every occasion since I got it in October and I absolutely love it! As you would have seen from my review of the rest of the set I was luckily enough to be given this at an event in Glasgow and as soon as the host Sarah mentioned this product I got so excited and couldn't wait to try it! I am a lover of rollers but hate the problem of sometimes you have them in all day and then as soon as you take them out and style your hair, 10 minutes later the volume falls! This product really does what it says on the bottle I can have my rollers in for half the time I used to and have more volume when I use this spray, it really holds the back combing in place! 

  • When using this I take a section of hair, spray the sculpting spray underneath the section and back comb just a tiny amount (if you back comb too much you won't be able to backcomb anymore when the rollers come out, so just a little 2 or 3 comb throughs)
  • I then place the roller in my hair and do this all over the top section of my hair (you could do your whole head but I wear extensions so only do the top section)
  • I then spray my whole head, just 3 or 4 sprays over the rollers. 
  • Obviously the longer you can leave them in the better, I usually aim for at least 4 hours if I have time for that.
  • I then take out all the rollers and because of the setting spray my hair will pretty much be sitting in sections so I then do the rest of my back combing joining the sections together, so holding 2 sections and back combing them into one, then taking another section and back combing that so that the hair is only left as a top section and a section at each side. 
  • Once I have finished back combing I will spray the sculpting spray underneath the hair so onto the back combing to help seal it.
  • I then take a soft brush (such as a tangle teaser) and lightly brush over the top of my hair to smooth out the top and to ensure the hair is no longer in sections. 
  • I then spray a little all over my hair as you usually would with hair spray.

I like to use this sculpting spray along with the Paul Mitchell You're a Pretty Big Deal Set which I have already reviewed and will link here. Together you are guaranteed big beautiful hair every time! 

I was luckily enough to receive these gifts sets for free but I am being totally honest in my opinion on them and will definitely be repurchasing products from them in the future with my own money. Especially this Fast Drying Sculpting Spray! I have been recommending it to friends and I am now a huge Paul Mitchell fan! 

I will add a few pictures of my hair after using these products below.

(Picture on the left I had sleep in rollers in for roughly 5 hours, top right I had sleep in rollers in for roughly an hour and bottom left I used enrapture heated rollers which I left in for roughly 45 minutes)

This product can be purchased individually from BeautyFlash for £9.97! 
It is also available from Look Fantastic 

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