Saturday, 8 March 2014

#TanyaBurrLipsandNails Haul!

Hi there!

If you read my 2013 Make Up Favourites you may have noticed my slight obsession with Tanya Burr, which by the way I didn't even realise I had until I wrote that post and realised how much stuff I buy that she recommended haha! So as you can imagine when she announced she was releasing her own Lipgloss and Nails line with EyeCandy, I was a tad excited! 

I didn't buy all of this in one go, it was purchased over three different purchases .. however I am paid monthly so was all one wage, but breaking it down into separate purchases makes buying 4 nail polishes and 7 lipglosses not as bad haha, well I think so anyway .. well that's what I'm telling myself haha!

I jumped right into the pre order sale! If I'm honest though I was quite disappointed by my first purchase, for some reason it was as if I was just not ment to buy these products! Everything that could have got in the way of me buying them did. It took SEVERAL attempts to place my order, something just kept going wrong, like a power cut! then the colours disappeared on the website so I couldn't see what I was buying, the site crashing at check out, the final order changing my order to 2 of everything! But FINALLY my order was placed! ... and then 2 days later when everyone started to receive their products I couldn't wait to get home and open mine, but no parcel. and the next day, no parcel. I then recieved an email from Feel Unique saying there was a delay in my order. I ended up having to wait 2 weeks! So especially after ordering in presale I was not happy that I had to wait 2 weeks. Good thing I like the products so much. My other 2 purchases were absolutely fine though and arrived after just a few days. 

So my first order was Heart Skipped a Beat Lipgloss, Champagne Toast Lipgloss, Be Bright, Be Happy, Be You Nail Polish and Bright and Early Nail Polish.

As I started to see more people buying the products and I could see how they looked on the lips I ordered Exotic Island Lipgloss and Picnic in the Park Lipgloss!

Finally I decided to make one last sneaky Tanya Burr purchase of the month and I also had a 10% off code so I decided to make a bigger order and ordered Vampire Kiss Lipgloss, Smile, Dream, Sparkle Lipgloss, First Date Lipgloss, Riding Hood Nail Polish and Mini Marshmallows Nail Polish.

As you could probably already tell I would like to have the full collection haha! But I think I have enough for now. I will do separate nail polish and lipgloss reviews with lip swatches etc but for now just thought I would just show a little peak at what I got so far!

Tanya's Lipgloss and Nail line is available on Feel Unique and also has Free Delivery on all orders over £10!

Did you get any of the #TanyaBurrLipsandNails Collection? What are your thoughts on them?


  1. Amazing pictures, I am insanely jealous!!

  2. Wow sounds like you had to work hard to even purchase these so I think you deserve the splurge on them! There are some gorgeous shades! I love the coral nail polish!

    Thanks for sending me over your link in Wednesdays BBloggers chat! your blog is great!

    Jenn | PhotoJennic


    1. I like how you think! Haha. Aw thanks so much! :) xx

  3. love that you were as excited as i was for tanya's products to be released!my order was also delayed because they couldn't keep up with how many polishes were bought!but in the end i got it!:)hope you love all of your Tanya Burr Lips & Nails products chick:)xx

    1. I saw a few people mention it on Twitter and Instagram so that helped that I wasn't the only one haha! xxx