Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Don't Believe the Hype - Glam Glow Mud Mask

Hi there!

I'm a sucker for the hype, as a blogger we're all guilty of it, and to be fair, with most of us spending a large part of our day reading blog posts it's difficult to not be sucked in! Also I'm sure most bloggers have the same problem of if I don't like something should I write a bad review? and before I started my blog I thought absolutely, however it's easier said than done when there's so many amazing products that you are more than happy to rave about, the bad reviews sit on the back burner, as lets be honest no one likes to be mean!

However after reading Genna's Don't Believe the Hype post on the Benefit They're Real Mascara (although I do love this mascara myself haha) and Hydraluron Moisture Booster (A product I was tempted to buy as I hadn't read a single bad reviews until I found Genna's post)  She made me remember the whole reason I started my blog, I always look for reviews on beauty products before I purchase them and sometimes you are drawn in by the fact there are no bad reviews and it made me think just because there isn't a bad review does not mean every one loves it and so her post has inspired me to write this post! 

After reading countless reviews on this Glam Glow Mud Mask and watching many many YouTubers claim this mask was worth every single penny and they continue to purchase it. A holy grail product for many, I couldn't resist the temptation anymore ... I had to have it!! 

At £40 I'm pretty sure this is the most expensive beauty product I've ever bought. However I was lucky enough to get mine on Look Fantastic while they were doing 20% so I did manage to pick mine up for £32. I was bursting with excitement! I couldn't wait to try it out!

To be fair this isn't exactly a "bad review". It's not a bad face mask.

However do I think it's worth £40? absolutely not.

To be honest I think I was really silly to give in to the hype on this. I am lucky enough to have nice skin and I think that may be why this product just doesn't work wonders on me, I felt no difference in my skin after using except that it was a little dry which is obviously not what you want from a £40 face mask I was expecting my skin to look radiant and glowing but to be honest it really didn't. I received far better results with my Mask of Magnanimity Face Mask from Lush which really makes your skin look so gorgeous and radiant afterwards. 

However recently my skin has took a turn for the worse and I'm now starting to experience oiliness and breakouts, however the only difference I felt when using the mask was that I could see more oil being pulled out of my skin, it didn't make my blemishes magically disappear like many people have claimed it has done for them, infact I have had a breakout on my chin for about 2 weeks now and I have used the Glam Glow on it about 4 times and it is still there so sadly no magic here. I still didn't see a real difference in my skin after using it and although I could see more oils being pulled from my skin I don't feel like it made me less oily afterwards.

I still continue to use this mask as it did cost me a lot of money and like I said it's not a bad mask and I love the packaging but it's just not worth the price tag.

I hope this helps anyone who like me have been lusting over this mask and couldn't seem to find a single bad word said about it and sorry to anyone who loves it, honestly I wish I did too! 


  1. I thought exactly the same! My first post was actually on this mask and although I liked it... I just didn't find it worth the extortionate price. Heres the link to my post if you fancy a little read

    X Emma

    1. Glad I'm not the only one who thinks it haha! I will definitely have a read :) xx

  2. I thought the same! its good, but i have a lot of good masks for under £30.00!

    I wouldn't purchase it again

    Love India xox
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    1. Same! I always reach for my Lush Masks before this one. xx