Sunday, 2 March 2014

Lush Haul inc Lush Event Goodie Bag!

Hi there!

As you would have seen on my post a few days ago I went to an Event at Lush Braehead! So you can click the link if you would like to read more about that. As I said on that post I would do a separate post on my goodie bag and also some products I bought while I was there as that post was long enough haha. 

Let's start with the goodie bag yay!

I'm sooo pleased with the goodie bag! I absolutely love everything in it!

Fun - This smells amazing, and as the title suggests it's so fun to play with haha! I was so happy I got one of these in the goodie bag as I was going to buy this anyway, it's like play doh but you can use it to wash! 

Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask - I've never tried any of the fresh masks before so really excited to try this as I've mentioned about a million times on my blog the Mask of Magnaminty is my favourite face mask ever!

Lip Gloss - I had no idea that Lush did make up! So really looking forward to trying this out.

Lush Lipstick - As part of their make up line, I'd describe it more as a lip stain, it feels really smooth on the lips aswell. I have been wanting a purple lipstick for the longest time so I was so happy when I opened my goodie bag and spotted this! It's a gorgeous pinky/purple shade so very easy to wear if you're not ready to go all out purple! 

I also got some samples! I think that really shows confidence in products when stores give out samples, shows they believe in the product and know if you try it you will be back to purchase some more!

I've heard SO many amazing things about Lush Big Shampoo and ofcourse I am all about the big hair and Rachael was lovely enough to give me a little sample to try. I'm so excited to give this a try! 

There sadly wasn't any small tubs of the Mask of Magnaminty face mask left and last time I had it I didn't manage to use up the whole tub before it went out of date so I didn't want to buy the big tub as I knew I wouldn't get through it so they gave me a little sample to use till I can get a new one which I really appreciated! 

Breath of Fresh Air Water (£3.95) - I've heard the Lush Toner waters are really good so decided to get a little one to try it out. I was originally going to get the Tea Tree Water but then I noticed it was for oily spot prone skin which I don't have to I got this one instead.

9 to 5 Cleansing Lotion (£3.95) - I need a Cleansing Lotion to keep at my boyfriends house to wash my make up off so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to pick one up! I just got a small one so I can try it out, plus I don't live at my boyfriends so it won't be getting used daily or anything so small bottle should be fine to keep me going for a while. 

Sugar Scrub (£2.95) - I love really rough exfoliants, I'm not  gentle exfoliation kind of person so Rachael recommended this one and also said it's really great for removing fake tan which is perfect for me!

Stepping Stone (£2.95) - I've mentioned before I like to look after my feet so I thought this was really cute as its shaped like a little foot and will keep my tootsies nice and smooth.

Charity Pot Hand and Body Lotion - They offer you this little tester at the till if you donate £1 to charity which I think is really sweet.

Well that's everything I got, hope you enjoyed having a peek at my new goodies!


  1. Wow - you lucky thing!

    Thanks for sending me your link in last night's #bbloggers :) Following now so can't wait to read more!

    Lots of Love, Me.

    1. Thank you! I know they definitely spoiled us! :) xx

  2. Awh these are some fab items hun! Love charity pot especially xox

  3. I've never used any of lush's lipsticks though I adore most of their products. I like the one you've purchased!

  4. It's a really pretty colour :) xx