Monday, 24 February 2014

Mr Nutcase Personalised Phone Cover!*

Hi there!

When I saw on BBloggersUnite Twitter Page that they were looking for bloggers to review a personalised phone case I decided to pop them a little tweet to say I was interested. I was so shocked when I few minutes later I received an email asking me to email Mr Nutcase, which I did, who immediately emailed me back with a coupon code! Already a good start I wasn't even expected to be picked I just tweeted on a whim and within 5 minutes I had the code!

I've always wanted a personalised phone cover, I think they're such a great product and I have friends who have received them as gifts which I think is such an excellent gift idea! If you think of how much we all look at our phone, like let's be honest it's permanently glued to our hands! So the thought of everytime I look at it, I'll be filled with thoughts of happy memories as I look at a variety of pictures of good times I've shared with my boyfriend, friends and family.

So filled with excitement I immediately popped onto the website to start making my cover. The website was very easy to use, you basically just pick your phone type (in my case an Iphone 4) and then it came up with lots of different designs, I picked the one that would fit in the most pictures haha! I then popped onto my facebook and chose a variety of my favourite photos and just saved them into a folder on my laptop, uploaded them onto the site and then moved them around onto the design which was a variety of big squares and small squares! You can then preview the case, go back and make changes if you wish or confirm and pop it into your basket.

Really quick and easy, the only time consuming part of this is trying to decide on your favourite pictures! 

I ordered that afternoon which was Thursday and to my surprise it was delivered on Saturday morning! I was not expecting it for about a week as personalised items usually take a little longer so extremely impressed by the fast delivery!

I also really like the cover itself, its really thin and lightweight so feels like there isn't even a cover on the phone which I love! I usually have a leopard print cover on my phone but it makes it feel quite chunky and I always hate when I take it off and feel how thin my phone actually is, but I like to keep a cover on it as I don't want the back to get scratched. So this is perfect!

Overall I'm really impressed by the service, and my phone cover and have already been showing it off to all my friends and family.

You can order one on the Mr Nutcase website and they retail at £14.95.


  1. I have seen these before and really want one it such a unique idea and very personal :) would also make a great gift xx

    1. It's so nice when I have my phone sitting on my desk at work and everytime I look at it, makes me happy haha! How sad am I! lolol xx

  2. I have nominated you for the Liebster award because I love your blog :) xxx

  3. Omg thanks so much!! That's just made my day!! Xxx