Friday, 18 October 2013

The Hope Glasgow

Last night me and my sister (Pretty Polly’s Blog) went along to The Hope in Waterloo Street in Glasgow's launch night after a £500,000 refurbishment! No expense was spared for the launch either as we were all spoiled rotten with delicious food samples and drinks. The bar is open from 8am till midnight and literally a 30 second walk from central station so it is a perfect location, especially for one of those out for lunch with the girls that ends up let’s stay out and get the last train home kind of days! The bar had a really nice relaxed chilled out vibe, a great selection of drinks, from cocktails to very reasonably priced bottles of wine for the city centre.

They serve breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner and from the samples we tried, I will definitely be making another visit even just for the food! The beef burgers were by far my favourite from the night and I don’t even like red meat and so never eat burgers, but they were absolutely delish! We also got to try some pulled pork with bbq sauce and apple, which was very soft and flavourful! Some mini chicken burgers, which I also really enjoyed, some deep fried potato skins, very different from the usual chips but really good and a variety of chicken skewers.

Finally the desserts! An array of 4 to die for puddings, Profiteroles (YUM), chocolate cake (YUMM), Sticky Toffee Pudding (YUMMM) and finally the most AMAZING cheesecake I have ever tried! So light and creamy! My boyfriend loves cheesecake so I couldn’t wait to get home and tell him about it ha!

It has a really nice cosy atmosphere and I can see me and my friends spending a few chilly winter days/nights in this bar! I have already been recommending it so if you’re looking for somewhere new to go in the City Centre I would definitely try out The Hope!

As Paula has recently got a shiny new camera we decided she would take all the pictures from the night so head on over to her Blog for some pictures of the night and her view on the place! (LINK)

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