Monday, 28 October 2013

Benefit - They're Real Mascara! x

I am one of those unfortunate people who have really short eyelashes L, and although I have tried various types of eyelash extensions, I like the idea of them more than actually having them. It's great having nice long lashes but they are sometimes more hassle than they're worth. I’ve had from £10 party lashes right upto £100 semi permanent ones. All of which needs regular (sometimes very expensive top ups) and some pretty ridiculous “terms and conditions” to keep them looking good. I must admit I am very good at taking care of them and usually manage to get longer out of them than what they are expected to last however as a long term solution to short lashes they are just too much hassle, trying to wash your hair without getting your eyes wet is virtually impossible! Haha! and never being able to rub your eyes, which doesn’t sound like a big deal until your not allowed to do it and then all of a sudden your eyes need constantly rubbed! Haha.

Me & my mum are constantly trying out new mascaras (unfortunately I obviously got the short lash gene from her!) but always afraid to branch out on expensive ones incase there is infact just no hope for our little lashes! My sister over at Pretty Polly’s Blog gave us some of her higher end mascaras to try out, and one stood out from the rest for me and my mum. Benefit’s They’re Real! I have actually tried a benefit mascara before. I tried the Bad Gal Mascara after receiving a mini sample in an eye shadow palette once but even after hearing great reviews on it, I was not a fan, the brush was far too big and thick for my small lashes.

So I was so shocked that this one was so good!

I love the brush! I think the round comb type brushes are the usually the best at trying to get some length. I am not one for several coats of mascara, I don’t like it when my lashes feel hard and  I like my lashes to look like they could naturally be my lashes and not thick with mascara (just my own personal preference)  

I have uploaded a picture below of my lashes! *This is only 1 coat*

Sorry about the picture quality! 
The top picture is me wearing the mascara on both eyes. To the left is my normal little sad lashes haha! and to the right is just a closer shot of the mascara on one eye.

This is literally the 1st time I’ve ever used a mascara that you could actually see my eyelashes in pictures!

I will definitely be repurchasing the full size version of this!

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