Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Halloween Nails!

Just so you know .. well I am sure you can tell from the pictures, nail art is not my strong point ha! I have very strange nails that nail polish just does not want to hang on too, whenever I paint them they literally chip minutes after I'm finished so I'm more of an acrylics girl! However acrylics can be expensive and as halloween is only one day it would be quite a splurge to get halloween themed nails, which you would then be stuck with for the month! So instead I thought I would do a Halloween Theme NOTD which can be used as inspiration for anyone who is like me and wants something fun on their nails for halloween, but something that has to be basic as clearly I have no real skill haha!

I have did 3 nails orange with a little pumkin face (I'm hoping you can get the look I'm going for here)
I then did one white nail with a little ghost face! which is actually think is so cute!
and finally a little spider web .. with a spider (yes thats a spider! lmao)

I trust if you are good at nail art you can turn this inspo into a masterpiece! However if your not, like me, its all a bit of fun in the spirit of halloween!
Happy Halloween!!


  1. Your nails look so cool, love the ghost one :)

  2. Thankyou! Just trying to get into the halloween spirit ha x

  3. Aw these are really good! I didn't even bother to paint mine this year because I'm so terrible at nail art, I don't have a steady hand at all. Your blog is really lovely :) just read your post on the Paul Mitchell event. Followed you xxx

  4. Thank you! My sister is great at nail art, I usually just just go for acrylics so much easier haha! Xx

  5. These are really sweet!