Monday, 2 June 2014

New Years Resolutions Revisited

Hi there, I'm back!

Long time no .. speak? 

After reading GlamBeautys Resolution Revisited, I thought this type of post would be the perfect come back post since my reason for me disappearing over the past 2 months actually ties in with my 'What I Hope To Achieve in 2014' post in January.

If you read this post you would have seen that one of my goals for the year was to do well in my HNC exam which I have been doing over the past 2 years part time, while working full time. So blogging had to take a step aside while I studied, as basically the whole 2 years came down to 1 exam .. well 2 exams but they were in the one day and I had to pass them both in order to get my HNC but I am pleased to say not only did I pass but I got an A so was worth it! 

Next is my boyfriend and I wanted to start saving for a house, which I am pleased to say is actually going well and we're on track with it yay for us.

Next was becoming more organised, so far clearly not so good but I'm going to try keep up as many posts as I can but ofcourse blogging is a hobby and is supposed to be fun. I am starting uni next month so once it starts I doubt I will be able to post as regular as before but I'll try my best to post as much as I can. 

Next was putting more effort into my blog and trying to post upto 3 times a week. I was doing so well at posting 3 times a week, until my recent break, but sometimes life gets in the way! So I'd say it's not a total fail as I did manage to post 3 times a week for 3 months.

Healthy eating is an ongoing struggle for most of us and I'm still working on getting a good balance but the usual, as its coming into summer, even though I sadly won't be needing a bikini body this year as I won't be going away *cries* I do find it much easier to be healthy as once the nice weather kicks in. I find salads and fruit being the food of choice. My work recently moved office which doesn't have any cooking facilities so I find myself eating fruit and fresh juices alot for lunch because I still can't work out what I'm ment to eat there and I don't want to start with the salads too early and end up sick of them, before summer has even had a chance to begin.

Finally was to be less lazy .. well.. my exam was almost a month ago and I still wasn't blogging but my only excuse for lack of blogging was to be honest I was just enjoying being able to do nothing after spending all my free time studying!  So bit off a fail as I have been loving being lazy, but hey we're all allowed a little lazy time, I have actually been a little less lazy as in my room is currently tidy! haha.

Well I think I have rambled enough I shall hopefully be back to some regular posting again as I have really missed blogging and so I am ready to get back into it!

Hope your new years resolutions are going well!


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