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Lush Sauchiehall St Event

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Oh look another Lush post ha. I think I should just rename my blog like the Lush blog or something and be done with it, but hey who doesn't love a Lush post, I know I do! They just have so many amazing products, the possibilities of blog posts are endless.

Apologies to Lush Sauchiehall Street for the delay in this post, but I still wanted to write about it, as I have mentioned before Lush events are one of my favourite types of events. Aswell as the staffs incredible insight into the products, they are extremely generous in their goodie bags, and I can never resist a few sneaky purchases of my own while I'm there. 

Everytime I attend a Lush event I learn something new about their amazing products and it still shocks me that this time last year I had never set foot in a Lush store! My house now has Lush products lying around left, right and centre!

This event was very different for any other I have been too, all based around skincare and they even made a batch of fresh cupcake facemasks right in front of our very eyes. Proving how fresh the ingredients are, not a single chemical in sight! 

The girls talked us through the ingredients and benefits of what goes into the amazing skincare products. Most times we just read a few good reviews or like the packaging of something and pick it up so was very refreshing to actually find out what is in the products we are buying and why they're in it. So if you are looking for a new skincare routine I highly recommend popping into your local Lush and asking the staff what they recommend. If there is anything I have noticed about Lush is how well trained and passionate their staff are about the products.

So Let's dive in first with the goodie bag!

Like I mentioned before they actually made a batch of fresh cupcake face masks in store and so gave us all a full size sample away with us. I know this is a product loved by many, and one of Lush's best selling face masks. I liked this mask but I still definitely prefer the Mask of Magnanimity. Will I ever find a face mask I love more than this one?! 

Next they gave us a little sample of a cleansing wash each, we all got to chose one depending on our skin type which I thought was so nice that we actually got to chose! I picked the Aqua Marina, as this is for all skin types and I have combination. I love the fresh smell of this and loved it so much I have since been back and bought the full size! Also an Ultraband cleanser which is supposed to be amazing at removing make up. I have used this a few times and I wouldn't repurchase purely because I find it a really thick greasy texture, not a fan. 

Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly. This smells so good! I always play with this when I'm in Lush but have never actually picked one up. I haven't tried this yet because I currently have several Lush products in my shower but I'm really curious to use this, because well ... showering with jelly? sounds weird but interesting haha. 

I'd never heard of a toner tab before so I was really excited to see there was one in my goodie bag after they told us about them in the store, I love pamper type products. Definitely need to arrange a little pamper night for myself using this and a face mask ahhhh bliss!

Me & my sister had this in and out of our basket several times at this event so we were both so excited to see it in our goodie bag! It smells sooo good! Like white chocolate yum!

The Olive Branch Shower Gel. Again I haven't had a chance to try this one either, the scent reminds me a little of Grass shower gel by Lush (which is one of many in my shower at the moment) so I think it would be a nice one for night time showers, a nice relaxing scent. 

Finally some little charity pot samples (one of which I did buy at the till also) and a lip balm. This lip balm is amazing, it smells and tastes so good while leaving my lips lovely and soft, my new favourite lip balm.

Now I'll just include a few things I picked up while I was there/a few weeks later.

If you read my Lush Braehead Event post you would know how disappointed I was when we couldn't buy the Golden Egg because it wasn't actually being released till the next day so as I was finally back in Lush naturally I had to pick it up! I have used it already and it was so beautiful as soon as you popped it in the bath. Did look like a some sort of glitter bug had vomited all over my bath afterwards which my mum wasn't best pleased about but seriously who doesn't want a glittery bath?! 

Usual story I saw Tanya Burr raving about this ... so I obviously had to buy it haha. Smells really good! Haven't had a chance to use it yet unfortunately because as the weather is starting to get a bit nicer I have been fake tanned most of the time and unfortunately the Lush massage bars take my tan off *cries* so sad because I love them! The snow fairy one was one of my favourites!

In the Lush boxing day sale I bought the Sandy Santa and it was literally my favourite ever Lush product, it was absolutely amazing at taking off my fake tan while leaving my skin really soft and moisturised. So when I ran out I went into a Lush store praying that they sold this all the time (obviously just not shaped as Santa ha) Unfortunately they don't so the girl suggested the next best thing to be Buffy. I had heard Casey Holmes rave about this in favourites videos and although it makes you're skin super soft, it's not as amazing as the Santa Scrub boohoo. I can't get all my fake tan off in one shower with this like I could with the little Santa and I'm not a fan of the scent which unfortunately stays on the skin so no sure if I would pick his up again. 

I also bought a little tin to put this in, not really sure how else you store these kind of things as once they get wet they're not the most attractive to have lying around your bathroom.

Like I said above I loved the little tester of this so much I went back to Lush and purchased the full size. I like to use a make up removing cleanser at night and then I use this in the morning, I find it a really nice light refreshing cleanser to use in the morning time. 

So that is everything I got at the Lush Sauchiehall Street Event! Apologies I didn't get any actual pictures of the event, forgot my camera oops!

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